And There She Was

January 17, 2010.  6:52 a.m.:

I was certain you were a boy.

I was wrong.

And yet, when they put you in my arms and you looked up at me, with eyes shaped just like your daddy’s, I recognized you.  The baby I’ve seen in my dreams.  The one I left in my car with the doors unlocked.  The one I forgot to feed for two days.  The one I took out of my belly to play with at 6 months (and then somehow put back in).  The baby I just knew was a boy…

…is a girl.  A precious baby girl.  My baby girl.


You’re here.  Mommy’s little sidekick.  Right on time.  Tiny, but not.  A respectable 7 pounds and 15 ounces.  Beautiful.  Feminine.  Perfect.

Welcome to the world Lil Mil.  You won’t remember this day, but I won’t forget a moment of it.  The moment you entered the world.  The moment you looked up at me for the first time.  This moment — just sitting here in a hospital bed, watching both you and your daddy sleep, crying big fat tears of overwhelming, overflowing joy.


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