Belly… Laugh!

Posted in: Pregnancy

Pregnant bellies are bizarre looking.

I know, I know, I’m supposed to say that pregnant bellies are beautiful — that my own pregnant belly is beautiful. But c’mon, people. Scroll back up.  Take a good look.

That is, if you can even see the belly past the GIANT DEFORMED BELLY BUTTON obstructing your view. Look at that thing! Stretched splotchy skin. Patches of peach fuzz. A dark crooked line pointing directly at the malformation that once was a normal-looking belly button. And then, of course, there’s the disporpotionate size of the thing.

Sure, we can insist to each other and to ourselves that the pregnant belly is beautiful. And maybe some of them are. But right now we’re talking about mine. I maintain that if there were not a little tiny human growing inside it, you would not hesitate to point and laugh.

And you shouldn’t. Hesitate, that is. You should point and laugh and laugh and laugh. And then laugh some more. Why? Because it’s funny. Because I think God has a sense of humor. Because pregnancy is one of those miracles that warrants more than just our awe and reverence. It’s a miracle that deserves a great big belly laugh.


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