Hungry Girl (Day #3)

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To the uninitiated, this may looks like an average, everyday cute face.  But it isn’t.  This is a hungry face.  The hungry face of a hungry girl.  My hungry girl.

This hungry girl has an appetite unlike any I have ever seen.  I’m not just talking about how often (so often!) or how much (so much!) she eats.  I’m talking about HOW she eats.  The gusto with which she consumes her food.   The fervor with which she sucks and gulps and swallows. 

I hope my hungry girl stays hungry.  Long after we’ve left Life with a Newborn, long after she’s ceased to be dependant on me for her meals.  Long after her belly is full, I hope she stays hungry.  Hungry for passion, for knowledge, for deep and abiding joy.   Hungry for Life.

Her mama could use some of that hunger.  As much as I love this story I’m crafting – and as much as I enjoy the process of crafting it – there are moments when I wonder if I’m hungry enough to see it through.  Sure, I’m hungry enough now.  But it’s only day three.  What happens when my hungry girl stops sleeping as well as she’s been sleeping.  When she gets sick.  When I get sick.  When Husband gets busy at work and I get overwelmed with home.  When Life with a Newborn stops being so sunny.

My hungry girl will be hungry regardless.  Let’s hope her mama will be, too.



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