Last On The List (Day #16)

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Today was a good day.  A productive day.  My most productive so far, in fact.

As predicted, it rained all day (hard).  And as promised, I refused to let this keep me at home.  So despite the downpour, Lil Mil and I ventured out.  We went to Starbucks.  We went to the bookstore.  We  visited a close friend who has a new baby.  We spent an hour on the 405.

And yet, sometime between all of that, I managed to get four hours of writing done.

Was it just because I was busy?  Did I merely find the right balance of work and non-work?

I think that’s part of it.  But I think there’s another reason the book got so much of my attention today.

I didn’t write a blog post.

Yup, that’s right.  “Today” isn’t really today.  Today is supposed to refer to Tuesday, but really it’s already Wednesday morning.

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday because I was too busy being busy.  Oh, and writing my book.  Which is the point of this project anyway.

I realized yesterday that my book has gotten the short end of the stick.  Among the three B’s, sweet little unwritten book — the impetus behind this whole ETD undertaking — has been pushed to the bottom of the list.  Baby then blog then book.  That’s been my priority list for the past sixteen days.

I love this blog.  But it can’t come before my book.

So what does that mean?  I’m not sure.  I still want to post every day.  And I think I should, because I think it’s good for me.  I think it makes me a better writer.  And although it’s only been a few weeks, I’ve come to depend on this community.  On you, and your voices.  Our daily conversation.

But.  Something’s gotta give.

And so, I guess what I’m saying is:  we’ll see.  We’ll see what happens when I put book before blog.  We’ll see what happens when I chose not to say all I want to say here so that I can say more there.


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