My Inner Mean Girl (Day #85)

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Today’s post is yesterday’s post renamed.  I’m leaving it up because I’m getting such rich stuff.  Please keep ’em coming.  And thank you, K, for reminding me of one of my best (and by that, I mean absolute worst) mean girl moments.  Thank you also for emailing it and not posting it as a comment 🙂

Today’s post is a continuation of my plea from Saturday morning.  I’m still struggling with the blowout BFF fight in the middle of my story.

The good news is I’ve filled my hole.  I’ve finally given this fight the depth and intensity it needs (and deserves).  In my head, at least.

You see, I still haven’t written it.

Right now, in the middle of Chapter Eight there is this big chunk of bracketed, highlighted text that explains all the reasons Abby and Caitlin are fighting (both the on-the-surface reasons and the real, truth-beneath-the-surface reasons).  And I like it.  It’s meaty.  It’s real.

The next step, of course, is to actually write the scene.  But I keep putting that off.  Which is fine, really.  There are plenty of other scenes that need to be written.  I can put this one on hold til later.  But I shouldn’t.  With Saturday’s post and your comments and emails fresh in my mind, I should finish it now.

So why am I putting it off?  Because I’m having trouble summoning my inner mean girl.  And in particular, my inner teenage mean girl.  I’m feeling painfully uninspired.

This is my call for inspiration.

No, I’m not asking for more rah rah rah’s or you can do it!’s (although, if you’re offering, I’ll take ’em).  What I’m asking for is probably a little harder for you to deliver.  I need some cruel, stinging, bitchy words.  Words you wish you could take back.  Words you’ve never been able to forget.  As annoyingly wannabe-writterly as this may sound, the truth is, in order to do this fight justice , I need to remember what it feels like to be standing in one of those things-might-never-go-back-to-the-way-they-were moments.  And right now, I can’t.  I’m not sure if it’s all the breastfeeding-induced endorphins or what (thanks, Lil Mil, for your 3 month growth spurt), but I seem to have temporarily misplaced my bitch voice.  Help me find it.

So, tell me:

What was the meanest thing you ever said to someone you cared about?

What was the meanest thing someone you cared about ever said to you?

Did it ruin your relationship?

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(p.s., the snake pic above really freaks me out.  you?)

(p.p.s., if you’d rather email instead of comment, please  do.  you can find me at lauren [at] embracingthedetour [dot] com.)


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