Okay, So Here’s The Thing…

I wasn’t planning to blog every day before the baby.  The whole point was to launch this thing as I was launching into Life with a Newborn.  To become blogger and mommy at the same moment.

I like the idea of that.  The symmetry of it.  The inherent neatness.

Sadly, babies aren’t neat.  They don’t always arrive when they’re supposed to, and worse than that, once you hit 37 weeks, they often come without warning.  One day you’re living your life, enjoying (or pretending to enjoy while hating) the last few weeks of pregnancy, and the next day BAM!  You have a baby.

Which means my little sucker could decide to come tomorrow.  Or, if he/she is like me, not for six more weeks.  In other words, I have no idea when I’m going to have this baby – a fact that made scheduling my first post somewhat difficult.

So I decided to play it safe and post at 37 weeks.  That way I could be sure that I’d be up and running when Lil’ Mil showed up.  And I am – up and running.  This is my third post in three days.

And that’s the problem.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t planning to write every day before the baby, and despite the fact that the premise of this project doesn’t require that I write every day – or at all – before the baby, I feel this tremendous obligation to do it anyway.  I mean, c’mon.  I’ve announced my blog on Facebook.  I’ve created a Twitter account so people can follow me.  I’ve made myself Kindle available.  I’ve done the things that Serious Bloggers do.  I am hoping this makes me a Serious Blogger.

Serious Bloggers post every day.

And so here I am, crafting my third post in three days.  If I keep this up, I could be on my 30th post by the time this baby shows up.  So much for symmetry.

Which is why I have to stop.  I want this journey to have a single starting point.  I want to birth this blog at the same moment I birth this baby (okay, so maybe not the exact same moment… that’d be a little weird.  But you get the idea).

So, after today, I’m going to wait until Lil’ Mil arrives to begin doing this in earnest.  I’ll post here and there – a couple times a week at least – but since this is a project that requires a screaming, pooping newborn, I’ll save the daily posts for when I’ve arrived in babyland.

I think that’s what the Serious Blogger would do.


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