On Pause (Day #7)

So yesterday (Sunday) was my day off.  As promised, I didn’t write a single word.  I forced myself to rest and relax (relative terms here in Life with a Newborn.  But more on that tomorrow).

As a consequence of this forced hiatus, I didn’t have anything to post last night (and, as a rule, won’t have anything to post on any Sunday night).  Which is fine, except that it means that you won’t have anything to read on Monday mornings.

I hate that.

So I’ve decided to use my Sunday nights (and thus your Monday mornings) as a “Here’s what I’m reading!  Check it out!” opportunity.  In other words, instead of posting my own stuff, I’ll post links to other people’s stuff.

I like this idea.

Unfortunately, I just came up with it today.

So today, instead of posting particular links, I’ll be lazy and merely direct you to my blogroll.  Look to your right.   Scroll down to Other Detours and start clicking away.  See where you end up.

Just make sure you can find your way back tomorrow.  🙂

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