Start Your Engines… (But Not Yet)

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Now that Lil’ Mil has arrived, a bunch of you have emailed asking when I’m going to start writing.  I originally said that I would begin the Monday after Lil’ Mil was born.  Seemed reasonable enough to me.  A tad self-indulgent, in fact – like I was cutting myself some slack for not starting the instant my baby emerged from the birth canal.

Remember, I am new at this.  Very, very new at this.

Fortunately, many of you are not.  On Saturday morning, one such veteran emailed to suggest that I wait until the Monday after Lil Mil comes home from the hospital to start the clock.  I wasn’t completely sold on the idea (Is that cheating?  Will people think I’m wimping out?), but since I solicited advice, I figured I should probably take what I got.  So on Saturday afternoon, I updated my Game Plan, changing my start date and adding some additional Rules of Play.

Lil Mil was born 12 hours later.  At 2:07 a.m. on Sunday.

If I’d stuck to my original plan, I would have had to start writing yesterday, 24 hours after giving birth, while I was still in the hospital, delirious with joy and sleep-deprivation.  (Whose silly idea was that?)  Now, however, the plan is to begin next Monday – you know, after I’ve recovered from the sleep-deprivation (insert laugh track here). And so I shall.

T minus 5 days.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my precious daughter.

(If you haven’t checked out my revised Game Plan, please do!   Just click HERE.  Thanks to your awesome suggestions, I’ve added some additional Rules of Play, but am always open to adding more.)


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