Switching It Up (Day #13)

It’s time to switch it up.

Last Monday, I expressed my unhappiness with the fact that my no-writing-on-Sundays rule is effectively a no-post-on-Monday policy.  To remedy the situation, I promised to make Sunday nights my “here’s what I’m reading now” moment.  That way, you’d have something to read even without a post from me (I’m so considerate, I know.  Really, I just don’t want you to go anywhere, so I’m attempting to reel you in you with content).

The problem is, I still don’t like this set-up.

The issue, I’ve decided, is with the boundaries of my day off.  Its beginning and end.  The rule is simply “no writing on Sundays.”  In my head, this means that from the moment Saturday becomes Sunday until the moment Sunday becomes Monday, I am on forced haitus.  So my one night “off” each week is Sunday night.

Not a weekend night.  Not a night that Husband typically takes off.  Not a night that can truly be savored.

A school night.

A night that inevitably involves Husband or I proclaiming, in our best whiny voice, “I have the Sunday blues!”

Not a night off kind of night.

So here’s what I’m thinking:  I’m thinking that my night off should precede my day off.  I’m thinking that if I took Saturday night off, I’d probably enjoy Sunday day even more.

So I’m switchin’ it up.

After tonight, I won’t post on Saturday nights.  On Saturday afternoons, I’ll do my here’s-what-I’m-reading-now thing so you’ll have that to read on Sundays.   And on Sunday nights, I’ll do a real post, so you’ll have meat on Mondays.

And so, to kick things off, here’s what I’m reading now:  Momalom.

When I decided to make Momalom my link of the week, the point was to encourage all of you to participate in Sarah and Jen’s “Love It Up” challenge.  But when I went to the Momalom homepage to get the Love It Up link, I got sucked into today’s post.  I have a feeling you will, too.


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