The Game Plan

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So, I did it.  Okay, I sorta did it.  I half did it.

I set out to create a game plan for this entire project. I ended up with a game plan for the first month.  Baby steps, right?

So here’s how it’ll work:  As I complete various tasks, I’ll update the game plan to show my progress (when you look at it, you’ll see what I mean – there are checkboxes for me to mark off completed tasks).  I’ll also cross off the days that have passed and update the “the Clock” to reflect the accurate number of days remaining.  You’ll always be able to check my progress by clicking on the nifty little (okay, not so little) Game Plan Button on the sidebar.

A few caveats:  (1) I did this quickly because I wanted to get it posted before Lil Mil arrives.  So it should be considered a work-in-progress; (2) As I mentioned in The Point, this is the first writing plan I’ve ever created.  So it may not be detailed enough or structured enough or whatever-ed enough.  Which is why I’d really love feedback on how I can make it better (if you have ideas/suggestions/advice, please email me using the contact form on the sidebar);  (3) I realize that my expectations might be laughably unrealistic.  But that’s what makes this a challenge, right?

Okay, so without further ado:

The Game Plan.

(Please, please send your feedback.  Especially if you want to suggest more Rules of Play.  The more rules, the more this project will feel like a game.  And the more this feels like a game, the easier it’ll be for me to pretend it’s fun!)

(Oh – and if you’re new to Embrace the Detour and wondering what the heck I’m doing and why, click HERE and HERE.)


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