Time For A Time Out.

This project has always been ambitious.  Big undertaking, tight deadline, less-than-ideal working environment.  Even with my recent modification to the game plan, it’s still a lot to get done in not a lot of time.  Every day counts.

But not this week.  This week I’m calling a time-out.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this week I’m on vacation.  Our first one since Lil Mil arrived.  There are mountains to ski, glasses of wine to drink, and conversations – the real, in person, talking-really-talking kind – to have.  A milestone to celebrate.  Two little girls to snuggle.  Moments with family I don’t want to miss.

And so, as planned, I’m taking a time-out for the week.  I’m going to force myself to be present here, now.  To enjoy the beauty of the Rockies and the blessing of family.  To reflect on 30 and beyond.

I’d tell you that I’m not going to write at all while I’m here, but that’d be a lie.  I can’t not write about this.  This trip, this mountain, these moments.  I can’t not post on my birthday.  I have no idea what I’m going to say (does AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! count as a blog post?), but I know me – I’ll feel compelled to say something.

So my time-out is sort of a pseudo time-out.  Like those two minutes of “flat road” in Spinning class.  A break that’s not really a break.  A psychological fake-out.

Hey, whatever works.

(You might have noticed that there’s no “Day #__” at the top of this post.  That’s because I’m stopping the clock this week. Monday’s post was Day #36.  Next Monday’s post will be Day #37.  Sixty-three days to go. )


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