We Are Those People

We were drunk, but not from the wine. Or, at least, not just from the wine.

It was a Wednesday (a weeknight!).  It was late (11pm!) We’d left work hours before we normally do (5pm!)  to spend much too much on gourmet pizza and wine in a decidedly un-kid-friendly environment (yay Mozza!), and now we were sharing a $11 beer at an outdoor concert, holding hands, listening to Ray Lamontagne sing a song we both know by heart.

We were off duty.

In this moment, we were us again.  Not the three us, but the two of us.  The People We Were Before.

[The picture above is NOT from last Wednesday night because we took no photos that night, just like we’ve taken no photos of just the two of us since Lil Mil was born.  The picture above was taken two months before she arrived in the world, on our 4th anniversary, and is that last “just us” picture I have of The People We Were Before.]

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