Welcome to the Chaos (Day #95)

As I held his tiny newborn form, marveling at his perfect little ears, his delicate little mouth, the paper thinness of his precious little eyelids, it hit me.

It’s over.

Not my book, not this project.  Certainly not my journey through motherhood.  But Life with a Newborn.  Crazy town.  Those first few months post-baby when it feels like someone has turned your life upside down and shaken it.  There is beauty in the chaos, of course.  Precious, fleeting beauty.  But it’s chaos nonetheless.

Lil Mil and I, we’re somewhere else now.   A place where things are just a beautiful, but (slightly) less chaotic.

My friend has just arrived in that crazy town, a place where the nights are sleepless, the needs are ceaseless and the world is a blur of bodily fluids.  Holding her precious baby boy, my heart ached for those just-outta-the-hospital days.  When everything is so new.  So scary.  So exhilarating.  So … much.

Welcome to Life with a Newborn, sweet friend.  Enjoy every minute.

Meet my friend Kelli’s “Small Baby.”


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