When The Choice Is Easy

Most of the time, it’s a struggle.  Trying to juggle work and life, as though those things are separate entities.  There’s never enough time to do it all, so we prioritize.  We choose.  Some days work overshadows life.  Other days life stretches and expands to fill every waking hour.  Most days, we end up somewhere in the middle.  We work, we play, we parent, never certain that we’ve gotten the ratio just right.

My 100 day experiment encouraged me to make every day a work day.  That was the point, after all.  I wanted to challenge myself to be creative and productive every day.

And I was.  I am.  I’ve worked on my book nearly every day since Lil Mil was born.  And on the days I haven’t worked, I’ve thought about working.

Every day has been a work day.

Not today.

Today was not a work day.  Today, I laid on the couch with a brave little girl with a bandaid on each thigh.  We napped.  We watched some TV (turns out Lil Mil is a SATC fan.  Duh.)  We giggled.  We cuddled.  We tried to forget about the smiley nurse and her three needles.

Today was a rest day.  Not because I needed one, but because she did.

+     +     +     +

What was your work/life ratio today?  50/50?  20/80?  90/10?   When was your last rest day?  If you’re a work-at-home-mom, has your definition of “work day” changed since you had kids or started working from home?  Are you a SATC fan?


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