Wish Come True

The day came and went.  Without any fireworks.  Without any hoopla.  Without some big, over-the-top extravaganza.  Just the way I wanted it.

The day wasn’t partyless, though.  There were actually two parties – one small, one big.  Both perfect.

The small one took place around a kitchen table.  Six adults, two children, seven perfectly cooked steaks, three bottles of wine, and a magnum of champagne that sputtered and spewed like a geyser when we opened it.  The people I love most in the world were within hugging distance, all at once.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

But I got more.  A whole other party.  Bigger than any I’ve ever planned for myself.

It was here.  Right here, on this site.  I invited you.  Others invited you.  Some of you just showed up.

None of you came empty-handed.

Yesterday was my birthday and hundreds of you came to my little corner of the blogosphere for the occasion.  You came bearing the gift of your time.  Your thoughts.  Your feedback.  Your energy and enthusiasm for this project.

Some of you commented on my post.  Others of you emailed me.  I got texts and phone calls and facebook messages.  I felt loved.  I felt encouraged.  I felt inspired.

I am inspired.

And so today, a day that was supposed to be a ski day, has become a writing day.  This is exactly how I want to spend it, right here in front of my computer, Lil Mil asleep in her carseat beside me.  It’s the fourth day of my vacation and the first full day of my thirties, and I am with the people I love, doing what I love.

The thirties are lookin’ pretty good so far.

(Those of you who stopped by yesterday, THANK YOU!  I felt the birthday love.  If you’re new to Embrace the Detour, be sure to click on all the words in the banner at the top of the page – “Because,” “I Am,” and “Right Here” are all separate pages.  You can also click HERE for my take on what it means to embrace a life detour.  And again, I’d love to hear from you!  The comment form on the right-hand sidebar will send an email directly to me, so if you’re inclined to say hi, please do!)

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